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We invite you to become a part of the Ethan Tech Academy community and embark on a transformative educational journey. Whether you are a prospective student, faculty member, or supporter of higher education, we welcome your involvement in our mission to shape the future.

Discover your potential at Ethan Tech Academy, where the pursuit of knowledge knows no bounds.

Why Choose Ethan Tech Academy?

Students can study independently at online. We teach responsibility. In courses, students must be responsible for their studies, even if they have tutors who monitor them. We offer interactive exercises that help keep students motivated, even those who are more reluctant to study IT.

Congratulation to Our Scholarship Students

Congratulation To the Scholarship Students


What they are saying

Aung Ye Lwin

Web Development

It's very convenient. Online classes are the most convenient. I was able to get rid of my thoughts that I couldn't understand. This course was the only way to get rid of it. I can ask the teachers if I don't understand almost all the time, not during the class, so it's very convenient.

Hsu Twae Tar

Java Programming Basic

စတက်တုန်းက computer basic လဲသိပ်မကျွမ်းကျင်တော့စိုးရိမ်မိပေမဲ့ Teacher ကစိတ်ရှည်ရှည်နဲ့သင်ပြပေးတဲ့အတွက် အဆင်ပြေရပါတယ်။ Basicမို့ သေချာအာရုံစိုက်ပီးလုပ်ရပေမဲ့ Teacher သင်ပေးတဲ့အတိုင်းတစ်နေ့စာတစ်နေ့ပုံမှန်လုပ်ရင်မခက်တော့ပါဘူး။အရမ်းကိုအဆင်ပြေပါတယ်ရှင့်။

May Thu Kyaw

Web Development

It's a very good course. I honestly didn't think that I would be able to write so much in a short time. The teacher who taught me was very patient and the people who gave me support from the back were also very kind.

Thura Aung

Kotlin Course(Android)

Very patient with the students.Always welcomes any kinds of questions the students might have.whether they’re on course lessons or on career knowledge.However,with doubt,he gives little homework/assignments,which limits the student’s practice on the concepts and theory flows they were taught.Hopes he will give future students a little more coursework.Other than that,he’s a great respectful teacher.

Erwin Aung

Web Development

The Web Design Course was taught at Ethan Tech, so I felt it was the right choice. The instructor patiently explained even to someone with a weak intellect like me. I 100% recommend those who are looking for a good online course on programming to attend Ethan Tech-Training Center.

Aung Nyein Khant

Web Development

I am really interested in the assignments. Those who want to make sure to do the exercises should join. For those who have more time, assignments, If you want to do more exercises, you will pay more and check more. I don't recommend it to people who can't do it for sure. The teachers assign assignments, When the project deadline is near, you will get the feeling that you will be asking for a loan. When I started work, I was able to make it before the deadline.

Aung Pyae Sone Moe

Kotlin Course(Android)

In the course, the Kotlin language is clearly taught and if you don't understand it, you can ask directly. Besides, the teacher teaches in a fun and easy-to-understand way, so you can't be afraid of the language, so it's a course that is suitable for anyone who is interested in Android development or just starting to learn programming. It is recommended.